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become a host

Basic steps of becoming a Host

(1)    Should own a farm or a home garden that uses the sustainable agriculture methods to grow crops, animal husbandry and/ or power generation.

(2)   Should be willing to share his/her experiences, knowledge and farming premises with the volunteers without expecting any financial benefits.

(3)   Should be able to provide safe and healthy accommodation and food for  agreed number of volunteers for an agreed number of days.

 Our hosts are from individual or community; we are extending our host activities from co-operatives, communities and eco villages. Hosting WWOOFers can be hugely rewarding as you are enabling people to learn organic growing techniques. You will also be demonstrating an alternative way of life.  

To be a host, register, or you can send you farm details to - wwoofnig@gmail.com. Watsapp - 08066690495.